Tuesday, October 28, 2003

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  • A Clue to the Clue

    by Mark Pepe

    There once was a person of legendary fame
    Who called themself “Legerdemaine.”
    Shrouded in mischief, magic and mystery
    Those boxes and stamps have such a unique history
    Of excitement and wonder galore.

    There also was a boxer from Connecticut named Mark
    Who loved to go boxing with Sue park to park.
    In late October, Opus #130 did he find
    With his family who were not far behind.
    Now this great find really made Mark’s day
    “Now I understand!” his sister would say.

    When Mark & Sue returned to their home
    Straight to their computer room they did roam
    And what was found made them both kind of shiver,
    Shake, quake and really start to quiver.

    For upon their screen, within the Inbox
    Much to their amazement, bewilderment and shock
    Was an email unopened from that enigma de Maine
    Whose Opus they had just solved and made Mark go insane.
    So with shaking hands and with bated breath
    They opened this wondrous, marvelous bequest.
    This is the message that they did meet,
    “Nota bene - Another exclusive for your letterboxing gossip sheet.”

    For attached to the email was a marvelous clue
    To a box that was both exclusive and new
    Wrapped in mystery, excitement and fun.
    So come all ye boxers, come one by one
    To our own humble letterboxing pages.
    Where we hid this clue for you boxing sages.

    We thank all of you for searching out this clue
    But mostly our thanks go to Legerdemaine!!!

    All material contained herewith

    has been copyrighted by Pinecone Productions